Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I travel to La Porte, IN every week for my internship. I'm a graphic designer, and for the most part I work at home. I realize I travel a long way from sweet home Chicago.

Every Monday, I wake up at 5:00 AM and get dressed for work. By 6:00 AM, I'm on the bus toward the loop. I get my Amtrak ticket from the "quick-trak" kiosk by 7:10 AM and get seated. I relax on the train and sleep until I arrive in New Buffalo, MI. New Buffalo, MI is a quaint town on the border of Michigan and Indiana. I haven't had a chance to explore it yet, because as soon as I arrive my ride comes and we ride 15 minutes to La Porte. About 4:45 PM I get on the Shore-Line back to Chicago.

I was sheltered as a child and had a year where I barely left my house with yellow awnings on the south side of the city. Traveling to work gives me a sense of boldness and adventure that I had been seeking for so many years. Working in LaPorte is beautiful, and I wonder how I got a chance to travel to such a beautiful place. La Porte is a small town with horses and farmland, even a vineyard! My job's main building is a big white barn. It's a sight to see for a city gal.

I know for sure, I gotta explore New Buffalo, MI and La Porte, IN more. Both are so cute! I'll rent a car with my mom for a quick get away. I'll do it before school starts again.