Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where's Winter???

I live in Chicago and I am used to wearing two pairs of pants, heavy boots, and a BIG coat everywhere I go from November to well into May. This winter is sunny? It's mild mid 40s, 50s outside? As far as snow, it has only been a dusting that disappears by noon day. At first I appreciated the warm weather, especially after that awful snow storm last year. Now its January there have been no regular 30 degree temps or measurable amounts of snow. I find the warm weather strange.

I am a gardener and this would be my 4th gardening season. I had some great plans to start my an edible perennial garden before I hit the road for awhile. With the gentle weather now, I am worried what weather will spell for the coming growing season.

Why worry, you can't start planting until early June?" I normally start planning my garden about this time, and for many gardeners that's normal. I can budget what I need for the season. In addition, I can draw and redraw how I want the final garden to look. I start researching different varieties of vegetables and plants and compare seed catalogs. So there is a lot to do before I start planting seeds. Planning my garden, made me think the unseasonably warm weather now, might bring wild, unfavorable weather later.

I have to remind myself it's only January. Time will tell what the weather will be 5-6 months from now. Heck, can't tell what it will be like tomorrow. So as I am planning, it will help to have alternative plants to start in case summer is wet and cool, dry and hot, whatever. That's what life's about. You gotta roll with the punches and be prepared for anything. Instead of worrying, I will just prepare for anything that maybe on the horizon.


  1. Its a warm winter here too. Its makes me nervous as global warming is to true for us. Yesterday it felt like spring. No snow no nothing. Now upstate NY had a storm! 17 below weather and and tons of snow. Us got nothing??? We are not that far apart. But like your garden I'll just take what Im handed. Have a great day.

  2. Suffolk county Long island NY

  3. I would like to watch your garden as it grows. I am a very bad gardener. I have wondered if one could grow perinniels in a camper like Little Sanitee while on the road.

  4. I will be blogging my progress this growing season so stay tuned! I believe growing on the road can be done. Plants like mint, thyme, oregano, lemon balm, grow great in containers and come back year after year. There are more too. I think I will make a post about plants that are perennial and are easy to transport.

  5. Neat! I like growing plants as well whenever I have time and space.

  6. 40 degrees isn't cold enough for you??

    1. 40 degrees is cold enough. It's just felt strange for this time of year when its above 45 and sometimes almost 60. I just resolve to let the weather take care of itself.