Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! The ending of 2011 was a whirlwind. My house had quite a few house guests stay with me with weekend.

Friday, my dog Marshall had to go to the vet and that took a big hit out of my travel fund. He had a very bad ear infection, and he was lethargic, wasn't eating, or drinking. He's better after a few days at the vet. I brought him home today. I'm so happy to have him back.

While Marshall was at the vet, my cousin and her dog Handsome stayed over for a few nights. The house was crowded, full of barking, laughing, eating and the list goes on. On top of it I got a cold, but through it all I still had fun. Handsome did a good job of keeping me company until I got Marshall back, so it all worked out.

That's Handsome below. He's a blonde Pomeranian. He hates it when people go up and down the stairs, so he barked at us every time we went to the basement or the upstairs room. Other than that, he was a good dog during his stay. When he first got to our house, Handsome just spun in circles for 20 minutes. He was entertaining.


  1. HHMMM I missed this post. Oh well better late then never right? Happy New year to you too. I hope yours starts off healthy and cool. LOL What a cute name for a cute dog.
    I hope Marshall is well...I wanted to add if that dogs ear canals are much longer than ours so if you need to use q-tips or anything it needs to go in longer than our ears. Many people do not know that.
    Until next well

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Marshall is better than ever! He's got a follow up in another week. Marshall is a Cavalier Spaniel and has cute floppy ears. They give him trouble sometimes. That's makes a lot of sense that dog's ear canals are longer than ours. That's a cool tidbit. They're hearing is better that ours too.